Wave Structure of Matter

Wave Structure of Matter

by Ray Tomes

Wave Structures of Matter
Animation by Dr Ivanov

The idea of the Wave Structure of Matter is that all physics should ultimately be explained by a single realistic model that has real waves of a single type that will explain both light and matter and everything that exists.

The reason that WSM (Wave Structure of Matter) is important to cycles researchers is that the ultimate reason for cycles has to be tied back to vibrations of some period, and something has to be vibrating at that period. Waves and cycles are just two ways of seeing the same thing. Plenty of cases exist where a cycle period and a distance periodicity have been found for the same cycle/wave in entirely different fields of study.

When I first began to think this way I put some information about my ideas that matter was just standing waves of electromagnetism on the internet back in about 1994. After a while I was discovered by Milo Wolff who had been advocating a similar view for some time. Somewhere along the way Geoff Haselhurst appeared and read what Milo and I had to say and began to develop an extremely comprehensive web site that tied these thoughts into the whole current of philosophical thinking.

Later, Geoff and Milo started a discussion group for WSM and other people who had similar or related thoughts began to gather and discuss things further. One of the most interesting things shown to the group was by Gabriel La Freniere who made some software to develop animated GIFs of wave structures. We had all managed to make diagrams of waves and had ideas in our minds, but Gabriel’s animations confirmed some of those ideas and showed that the imagination cannot compare with the richness of the structures that were possible with this technique.

Gabriel La Freniere was preceeded in this by Dr Yuri Ivanov who also made some animations and diagrams and called this Rhythmodynamics. Some examples of Dr Yuri Ivanov and of Gabriel La Freniere. They may take a little while to load as in effect they are each a little movie that is looped back and repeated endlessly.

A talk on WSM given by me (Ray Tomes) to FSMN in New Zealand (pdf document).

The best place to start looking for more information on WSM is on Geoff’s web site, and the external links page lists most of the major sites available.

Quantum Matter by Milo Wolff
Space and Motion by Geoff Hazelhurst and Karene Howie.
Cycles in the Universe by Ray Tomes
Rhythmodynamics by Dr Yuri Ivanov
Matter is Made of Waves by Gabriel La Freniere
Electromagnetism and the structure of matter by Daniele Funaro
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