Vladimir Ladma, Czech Republic

The work of Vladimir Ladma in analysis of solar system cycles and the theory of music is extensive. These pages were saved from his site in about October 2004, and then later it was found that his web site and email address had vanished. All his original files have dates of June 2001 on them. The Cycles Research Institute would like to make contact with Vladimir Ladma if anyone knows his whereabouts. We have taken the liberty of placing his research here without permission because we think that he would want his work preserved. Unfortunately the original visit only obtained a proportion of pages, the others will show as bad links. Please do not report these.
This email address probably does not work now, but was the last known address for Vladimir Ladma.


Music theory


  • Harmonic bindings (A musically theoretical model)
  • G-systems An algebraic theory of musical structures)
  • Musical Structures (Computer generated lists of musical structures)
  • Algorithmic composition (Source code; Objective C)
  • Classes of tuning (Hierarchy of tuning systems)


Cycles, Resonances, Synchronizations


Cyclical phenomena in the solar system.

    • Synodic period (Conjunctions, multiple conjunctions, switching of cycles)
    • Axial period (Motion of axes, symmetry, solar activity, synchronization)
    • Inequalities (Planetary inequalities, great inequality Jupiter-Saturn)
    • Resonances (Types of resonances, resonant relations, examples)
    • Inverse motion (Mutually inverse motion of Uranus and Neptune)
    • Stable resonance (Independence on selection of reference system)

  • Motion of Mercury and Venus (Some peculiarities of motion of these planets)
  • Synchronization with Jupiter (Jovian influence on inner planets)
  • Synchronization of conjunctions (Synchronization of planets and their moons)
  • Eclipse year (Motion of lunar line of nodes, conjunctions with planets)
  • Missing loop (Conjunctions of inner planets)
  • Overlapping of cycles (Composition of real cycles, long period cycles of solar activity)
  • Optimal motion (Gravitational repulsion, minimum interaction, Ovenden principle)

  • Mayan cycles (Tzolkin, katun, Aztech century, baktun,…)
  • Correlation of Mayan and Julian calendar (Serpent numbers, symmetry, examples of correlations)

  • Starting data, conventions (Orbital periods of planets, time data)
  • Curiosities (Experiments, coincidences)


Other topics


  • Magic numbers shell model, sequences)
  • Bindings in helium (binding energy, test)
  • Natural period (congruences, dissonance amount)
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