“SciVee invites scientists to make your research known by combining your published scientific article with a corresponding video into an online presentation called a SciVee pubcast. Other scientists can then freely view your presentation and engage in virtual discussions with you and other SciVee members about your research directly through commentary, community discussions and blogging features. SciVee also encourages everyone interested in science to create a free membership and join existing scientific communities or create their own new community around specific scientific interests where discussions and events can be organized, shared and documented.”

This Cycles Group on SciVee, just begun in February 2008, but bound to grow.

The SciVee Cycles group objectives shown here are based on the objectives of the Yahoo Interdisciplinary Cycles Discussion Group which has ~400 members:

“Description:The CYCLES community is intended for the exchange of information and ideas concerning CYCLES, meaning repeating phenomena, in anything and everything. That includes, but is not limited to astronomy, biology, climatology, commodities, cosmology, dendrology, economics, extinctions, finances, geology, history, meteorology, mathematics, medicine, music, paleontology, politics, prices, physics, social trends, stocks, weather and wars.

Observations of the occurrence of cycles, mathematical analysis methods and theories concerning cycles are the subject of videos and discussions and information about conferences, lectures, books, software and other related
matters may be disseminated. The emphasis is on an interdisciplinary approach. Cycles are a powerful means of discovering possible causal relationships between variables because the pattern of frequencies present is like
a unique fingerprint.”