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Index of Cycles in Wikipedia

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This page is a copy of List of Cycles in Wikipedia

1 Measuring physical cycles
2 General listing of waves
3 Mathematics of waves and cycles
4 Time and calendar cycles
5 Astronomical cycles
6 Geological cycles
7 Climate and weather cycles
8 Biological and medical cycles
9 Agricultural cycles
10 Brain waves and cycles
11 Physics cycles
12 Electromagnetic spectrum
13 Sound waves
14 Psychological cycles
15 Economic and business cycles
16 Social and political cycles
17 Music and rhythm cycles
18 Religious, myth and spiritual cycles


Measuring physical cycles



General listing of waves

List of wave topics


Mathematics of waves and cycles

Almost periodic functionAmplitude modulationAmplitudeBeatChaos
DiffractionDoppler effectEigenstateEigenvalueFourier seriesFrequency domainFrequency spectrumGeorge Gabriel
Hamiltonian (quantum
Harmonic oscillatorHuygens’ principleLongitudinal waveMechanical wave

Partial differential equationPeriodic functionPermutationPhase (waves)Physics of musicPower spectrumSignalSine-waveSpectrum of an operator

Transverse waveWave equationWaveWaveform


Time and calendar cycles

Atomic clockCalendar
Chinese calendarComputusDeepavaliEphemeris TimeIntellectual history of timeJulian date



Astronomical cycles

Anders Jonas ÅngströmAstronomyAztec calendarEclipse cycleEclipseFull moon cycleLunar
Milankovitch cyclesMiraMoonOrbitOrbital periodSecularity



Geological cycles

Age of the EarthClimate changeMilutin Milankovic

Philip Henry Gosse


Climate and weather cycles

Climate modelClock of the Long NowEcologyEndometriumEnvironmental geographyGlobal cooling

Global warming and agriculture
Global warmingHistorical temperature recordIce age
Mars Polar LanderMigration (human)Milankovitch
Milutin MilankovicMonsoonSunspotTimeline of meteorologyPleistocene


Biological and medical cycles

Alternation of generationsBioelectricityBiological clockBiological pest
Bipolar disorderCardiopulmonary resuscitationCalvin cycleCell cycle

ChronobiologyCitric acid cycleCircadian rhythm
Claude Levi-StraussClinical depressionEcologyFeedbackLife
List of biochemistry topics

Manfred EigenMarine biologyMenstrual cycleNeurofeedbackNon-Hodgkin’s lymphomaOrganic farming

Polymerase chain reactionSoil degradationStomach cancerTriageZygote


Agricultural cycles

Belgian CongoClimate changeConsciousnessCrop rotationEducation in the People’s Republic of ChinaEnvironmental engineeringFertile CrescentGlobal warming and agricultureOrganic farmingSoil degradationSustainable industries


Brain waves and cycles

Alvin LucierBioelectricityCircadian rhythmConsciousnessNeurofeedbackPersistent
vegetative state
Sjögren’s syndromeSleep


Physics cycles

Cyclic processDouble-slit experimentDynamic theory of gravityGeorge Gabriel StokesPhysics of
SonoluminescenceSunspotSpeed of light


Electromagnetic spectrum

Absorption spectroscopyAnders Jonas ÅngströmAstronomyBlack bodyBlazarBremsstrahlungCaesiumCherenkov radiationColorColorsDiffractionDigital signal
Direct-sequence spread
Dispersion (optics)EigenstateEigenvalueElectromagnetic radiationElectromagnetic spectroscopyElectromagnetic spectrumElectromagnetismEmission lineEmission spectrumFM broadcast radioFrequency domain

Frequency hoppingFrequency spectrumGamma ray burster
George Gabriel StokesGeorge WestinghouseHamiltonian (quantum mechanics)

History of radioHue
IsotopeLightList of electronics topicsList of physics topics R-ZNTSCOptical brightenerOptical spectrumParticle in a
spherically symmetric potential
PiezoelectricityPower spectrumRADARRadio frequencyRadioRadiocommunications AgencyRedshiftSchool Science Experiment – Demonstrating the properties of waves on an OscilloscopeSETISpectrogramSpectrometerSpectroscopySpectrum analyser

SpectrumStellar spectroscopySunyaev
Zeldovic Effect
SupernovaTelecommunicationTimbreVery high frequencyVisible lightWhite noise


Sound waves

Acoustic theoryAcousticsAerodynamicsAlvin LucierAmplitudeAnemometerBeatBottlenose DolphinBuggingCharles CrosCherenkov radiation

Cold fusionCompressibilityDayton MillerDelay line memoryDiffractionDoppler effectEarEarpieceEcho soundingElectronic filterFTIRGeorge Gabriel
Glossary of medical terms related to communications disorders

Johann Philipp ReisKrakatauLee De ForestLoudspeakerMach numberMicrophoneMusic theory

OssiclesPan pipesParabolic microphonePhoneticsPhononsPhysics of musicPiezoelectricity

Prostate cancerPsychoacousticsRadioRadiologistReginald FessendenSawtooth waveSchool physics experiments and demonstrationsShock waveSID

SonarSonic boomSonoluminescenceSound proofingSound recordingSoundSpeech signal
Speed of soundSperm WhaleSquare waveSubsonicSubtractive synthesis

SynthesizerTelecommunicationTelephoneThomas A. EdisonTransmission lineTriangle waveWave dragWaveform


Psychological cycles

RoutinePubertyHuman’s periods (’s_periods)Bipolar spectrum


Economic and business cycles

Austrian SchoolBusiness cycleCalvin CoolidgeEconomy of Cape VerdeEconomy of the United KingdomHistory of SeattleHistory of the United
States (1865-1918)
Joseph SchumpeterMarxismMarxist school of economicsMonetary policy of central banksNew classical economicsNew Economy

Northern OntarioOrganizationRagnar FrischRecessionRise of the New ImperialismSecularity

The EuroTimeline of meteorologyUnited Kingdom
Virtuous circle and vicious


Social and political cycles



Music and rhythm cycles

Song cyclePhysics of musicRhythmInterval cycle


Religious, myth and spiritual cycles

Creation beliefsCreationism (theology)Dependent originationEschatologyHarvey Spencer LewisIndiaIrish mythologyMantraMaya (illusion)MythologyNumerologyResurrection of Jesus ChristSamhainSuryaUrban legendVedanta