Stephen M. Barrett - From Plato to Wall Street

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Stephen M. Barrett - From Plato to Wall Street

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Chapter 1 - Background
Chapter 2 - The Timaeian Circles
Chapter 3 - WD Gann - Unveiled
Chapter 4 - The Dow Jones Industrial Average
Chapter 5 - The All Ordinaries Index
Chapter 6 - Gold
Chapter 7 - An Overview

Author Bio


Described by some as "the most definitive work on stock and commodity cycles ever produced", "From Plato to Wall Street" will take your breath away.

More than 36 years of reasearch into the movement of Stock and Commodities has resulted in this provocative work. If you have ever wondered what makes these markets "move", herein lies the answer.

Note from the Author

The work does take time to read and understand but it does contain three very important revelations.

1) For the first time in history, it properly decodes the “Timaeus”
2) It also properly decodes the work of the late WD Gann
3) It shows that all markets have a structure; they are not random
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