J M Hurst - The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing

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J M Hurst - The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing

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Author J M Hurst is a legend to knowledgeable individuals interested and involved in the study of cyclical price movement in the financial markets. An aerospace engineer by training and background, he was the first pioneer in the computerized research into the nature of stock price action, devoting many years and over 20,000 computer hours to this study.

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His conclusions were first documented in this groundbreaking classic. This book has become a classic and it is held in exceptionally high esteem by serious technical analysts and market students.

The work of Hurst inspired cycles analysts who came later, and his work represents the most important factor behind the analysis later done by such cycles luminaries as Peter Eliades, Walter Bressert, Jim Tillman, and Brian Millard. Indeed, Peter Eliades says that "sometimes a single moment changes all the ones that follow. For me it was the discovery of Hursts' book, 'The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing'. It was responsible for changing my life." Millard says "Imagine my delight and pleasure when I came across this priceless book!"

Partial Outline of Contents:

1. Maximize Your Profits: Where the Magic is: The Most Dollars in the Least Time: Maintaining 100% Investment

2. Timing Is the Key: Something New and Unconventional Is Required: What Makes Prices Change: the Source of Trends: The Significance of Cyclicality.

3. Verify Your Chart Patterns: How to Tell in Advance If a Chart Pattern Will Fail: How to Plot and Interpret a Moving Average Properly

4. Timing Your Buys with Graphics: Prediction of Pice Turns Using Envelopes: How to Generate Graphical Buy Signals

5. You've Made Some Money - How to Keep It: Use of Logical Cut Loss Criteria: Extension to Trailing Sell Signals

6. Compute Your Way to Increased Profits: How to Construct and Use Half-Span Moving Averages

7. How to Select and Track Trading Issues: The Total Scanning Concept: Making Use of Screening Criteria: Selecting Candidates for Volatility: Applying Stability Factors

8. Trading by Logic Instead of By Guess: Determining the State-of-the-Market: Computing Potential and Risk: A Model Transaction.

9. Why Stock Prices Change: Understanding Irrational Decision Processes: What You Should Know About Fundamental Factors: The Infuence of Broad Environmental Factors: Now Compare Cyclicality vs. History

10. Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them: Why the Unexpected occurs: Recognizing Psychological Barriers: Counteracting the Outside Influence.

11. Spectral Anaysis-How to Do It and What It Means: Why Numerical Analysis.

* http://stockcharts.stores.yahoo.net/prmaofsttrti.html
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