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Acceptable Topics in the Forum

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The Cycles Research Institute Forum is intended for the exchange of information and ideas concerning CYCLES, meaning repeating phenomena, in anything and everything. That includes, but is not limited to astronomy, biology, climatology, commodities, cosmology, dendrochonology, economics, extinctions, finances, geology, history, meteorology, mathematics, medicine, music, paleontology, politics, prices, physics, social trends, stocks, weather and wars.

Observations of the occurrence of cycles, mathematical analysis methods and theories concerning cycles are discussed and information about conferences, lectures, books, software and other related matters disseminated. The emphasis is on an interdisciplinary approach. Cycles are a powerful means of discovering possible causal relationships between variables because the pattern of frequencies present is like a unique fingerprint.

Some Keywords: cycles, periods, periodicity, frequency, Fourier analysis, spectral analysis, spectrum, waves, waveforms, indicators, music, tuning, harmonics, electromagnetism, sound, brain-waves, rhythm, circadean rhythms, resonance, repetition, modulation, signal, noise, catastrophe, FFT (Fast Fourier Transforms), MESA (maximum entropy spectral analysis), non-linear systems.

Discussion of CATS (Cycles Analysis & Timeseries Software) which is available free from CRI (see link below).

Related web sites - CRI:

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