Crude Oil Price Could Double

Cycles in prices and supply of commodities

Crude Oil Price Could Double

Postby RayTomes » 09 Jul 2011, 13:29

In a lengthy article at Tony Caldaro says:

"Commodities move in 34 year cycles: 13 years up and 21 years down. The reason this occurs has a lot to do with FED policy, the 68 year interest rate cycle and the 34 year currency cycle. The bellwether for this 13 year cycle is Gold, which bottomed in 2001. A search on selected charts or special reports, on this website, will produce some additional information about these cycles.

Typically commodities experience an ABC type bull market. Commodities are mainly driven by supply/demand, while stock markets are mainly driven by economic growth."

He goes on to predict a new high coming for Oil prices.

My own analysis at ... prices.pdf was later updated with more data to show that a 30 year cycle has long existed in oil, along with a 5.5 year cycle. Therefore the next high is likely to be in 2013/2014 making new all time highs.
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