Glacial Cycles and Astronomical Forcing

Cycles in Earth's climate & weather and its causes

Glacial Cycles and Astronomical Forcing

Postby RayTomes » 11 May 2011, 05:59

An article at discusses the variation between 41 ky and 100 ky in ice age cycles. This is something that is not understood.

ABSTRACT: Narrow spectral features in ocean sediment records offer strong evidence that the cycles of glaciation were driven by astronomical forces. Two million years ago the cycles match the 41 k.y. period of the Earth's obliquity. This supports the Croll/Milankovitch theory, which attributes the cycles to variations in insolation. But for the last million years, the spectrum is dominated by a single 100 k.y. feature, and is a poor match to the predictions of insolation models. The spectrum can be accounted for by a theory which derives the cycles of glaciation from variations in the inclination of the Earth's orbital plane.
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