Solar cycle 24 is weakest of the space age

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Solar cycle 24 is weakest of the space age

Postby RayTomes » 11 Nov 2012, 22:38

There was a post about this on the climate related forum "What's Up With That" (WUWT), ... space-age/

This is an interesting subject, particularly as it relates to human ability to predict such changes in the Sun. IMO it was clear that this was happening (and a number of people got this right based on cycles analysis). My own reasoning was expressed in my first comment there:

Long term solar proxies show regular cycles of 104 and 208 years, see both
http://cyclesresearchinstitute.wordpres ... 000-years/ (104.3 and 207.7 years) and
http://cyclesresearchinstitute.wordpres ... nce-proxy/ (104.7 and 206.9 years)
and the modern sunspot data shows greatest correlation after 210 years. All of these facts makes the current weak sunspot cycles entirely predictable.

There has been a long discussion there, and some of this has been pretty robust debate about cycles and other issues surrounding Sun and climate. Worth a look for those interested in these subjects. Several scientists and researchers on Sun were involved.
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