Spark separation in space

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Re: Spark separation in space

Postby RayTomes » 16 Sep 2012, 09:52

half dragon wrote:Anyone know the formula that so convinces the conventionalist of why electricity is impossible in space?
Doesn't the assumptions of what the cosmos is made of, dimensionally, the biggest hurdle here?

Hi half dragon

Because this topic is not about cycles, it would be appropriate in the scientific chat section rather than here, see: viewforum.php?f=41

I suspect that what you are referring to is the impossibility of an electric current in totally empty space, because an electric current requires movement of ions (including electrons). Of course there is no totally empty space, although some places can be much less dense than others. A search of scholarly articles shows that there are plenty of peer reviewed articles about such stuff ... s+galaxies

But, even in a vacuum, should one exist, electromagnetic waves can still exist.

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