Posting Guidelines for this Forum Section

Cosmology, astronomy, lunar, solar & planetary cycles

Posting Guidelines for this Forum Section

Postby RayTomes » 21 Sep 2010, 01:42

Any cycles that originate beyond the Earth may be discussed in this forum section. That includes solar, planetary, lunar, solar system, galactic, and universal cycles. Cycles should be understood to include regular wave like structures in space as have been reported for galaxies, galaxy clusters and other types of objects, because wave structures and cycles are intimately linked.

Ancient cosmological beliefs should be discussed in the section other / religious or spiritual or esoteric. This would include Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and other ideas on cosmological and other cycles. Astrologically based cycles should be in the section other / astrology. This section is only for scientifically observed phenomena.

For connections between astronomical cycles (e.g. planetary motions) and events on Earth such as climate and wars, discussions should be in scientific / other/interdisciplinary.
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