Simon Shnoll

Simon Shnoll (or Shnol) has been head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Biophysics   Laboratory in Pushchino for many years. In that time he has been instrumental in a range of experiments that have shown that a wide variety of different phenomenon, including biological, chemical, physical and quantum physics processes exhibit fluctuations which although  seemingly random actually have a common cosmic origin. This continues the pioneering work of Piccardi in chemistry into other areas and shows that all share a common origin. Known environmental variables such as temperature, pressure and humidity are not responsible for the effects.

A summary of the research is found in the paper:

Realization of discrete states during fluctuations in macroscopic processes
S E Shnoll, V A Kolombet, E V Pozharskii, T A Zenchenko, I M Zvereva, A A Konradov
Abstract: It is shown that due to fluctuations, a sequence of discrete values is generated by successive measurement events whatever the type of the process measured. The corresponding histograms have much the same shape at any given time and for processes of a different nature and are very likely to change shape simultaneously for various processes and in widely distant laboratories. For a series of successive histograms, any given one is highly probably similar to its nearest neighbors and occurs repeatedly with a period of 24 hours, 27 days, and about 365 days, thus implying that the phenomenon has a very profound cosmophysical (or cosmogonic) origin.

Full paper (pdf file 1 MB)