Ray Tomes

Ray Tomes

Ray Tomes worked in computer modelling applications through which he gained an interest in interdisciplinary cycles. He found that in the New Zealand economy there were cycles of 4.45, 5.9, 7.15 and ~8.9 years and realized that these were almost exact fractions of 35.6 years. Other cycles were also related to this figure. When he found out about the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and visited it in 1989 he found that his research had very similar findings to what was already established by Edward R. Dewey. Although Dewey had found the pattern of related cycles he never determined the cause. Tomes has put forward the Harmonics Theory which from a single simple principle predicts almost all well established common cycles periods. That principle is that the Universe consists of a standing wave that develops harmonics which are also standing waves and that each of these does the same. Surprisingly this leads to a rich and detailed spectrum of frequencies in the Universe which also explains the reason why structures form at various scales in the Universe, from galaxies through to sub-atomic particles. Tomes is a major contributor to Cycles Research Institute, and provides a number of other cycles related resources around the internet:

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