Alexander L. Chizhevsky

Alexander L. Chizhevsky

“Life is a phenomenon. Its production is due to the influence of the dynamics of the cosmos on a passive subject. It lives due to dynamics, each oscillation of organic pulsation is coordinated with the cosmic heart in a grandiose whole of nebulas, stars, the sun and the planet.”
– Alexander L Chizhevsky

Alexander L. Chizhevsky (1897-1964) was a true interdisciplinary cycles researcher who studied relationships between cosmological variables such as the solar cycle and human health and behaviour including propensity to fighting wars. Most of Chizhevsky’s work was published in French and Russian and so unfortunately still remains unknown to English readers.

Prof. S Ertel writes “Soon I found myself looking, with due sense of duty, at unconventional claims of disrespected authors. Is there anything at Alexander Chizhevsky’s claim that variations of solar activity and dependent geomagnetic oscillations have any impact on human mental life? I there any evidence of his claim that changes of minds among masses of people are triggered by solar magnetism manifesting themselves as upheavals, revolts, civil wars, revolutions, and other forms of “power from below”? (Chizhevsky had been banished by Stalinist “power from above” to some gulag in Ural). I found weaknesses in the Russian’s archival procedure. To my surprise, however, my scrutiny of this hypothesis based on own data corroborated the gist of his results. Fortunately, representatives of mainstream science in the West where tolerance is decreed by law could not simply react to this finding by jailing the researcher.”

Physical Factors of the Historical Process (1.3 MB) Cycles January 1971 reprint of an earlier article discussing solar effects on human behaviour, especially relating to war and other disturbances.

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