Search for Cycles Information

Searching for cycles information with search engines can be difficult because there are
many more sites about bicycles, motorcycles, bikes and motorbikes than about our kind of cycles.

Even when these are eliminated there are cycles as processes (such as the carbon cycle) to contend with before homing in on cycles as periodic repetitions.

This page is made to help overcome this problem. There are a number of ways to do this.

1. Just search Cycles Research Institute only using this google search as we don’t have any bicycles and over time this site will be extended to have links to other major sources of cycles information.

Note that you will see the CRI logo at the top of your search results and sponsored links at the right which are related to the subject that you are searching (although those darn bicycles are sometimes there too!).


Whole WWW
Cycles Research Institute

2. Use advanced google and tell it to omit the wheeled cycles. Go to Advanced Google and in the box labelled “with all of the words” put … cycles (e.g. geological cycles or climate cycles or whatever) and in the box labelled “without the words” put bike bicycle motorbike motorcycle Or to keep it a little simpler you can use this link and then type a word (such as economic) in front of the word cycles to search google.

3. Yahoo has a directory with a number of categories by subject and you can go down through this tree structure looking for your field of interest. When you find it, you can type into the “Search” box the word cycles and be sure to click the “just this category” button before pressing “Search” (otherwise you search the whole web).

This will find anything within that part of the tree that has cycles within it. If this results
in lots of wheeled cycles then you can still use cycles -bike -bicycle -motorbike -motorcycle the same as in Google, because Yahoo uses Google.

4. Search Wikipedia either directly or with google (recommended). Wikipedia is the world’s largest encyclopaedia and growing very rapidly. The articles are becoming reliable and detailed, often with good graphics also.