What’s New at C.R.I.?

An expanded team has been formed as part of an Advisory Board being assembled by Ray Tomes. This brings new scholars and and skills to further the work of the Cycles Research Institute. As these new things take shape you will see the reflected here on this site as well as the CRI Blog and Forum to which this site is linked.

CRI Bulletin (click titles to sort)
2015-10-25 Web Cycles Research Institute web site upgraded and converted to WordPress by David Katzmire.
2010-08-05 Web Cycles Research Institute web site totally redesigned by David Katzmire with structured drop down menus.
2010-08-05 Discussion CRI now has a FORUM operating with phpBB software.
2010-08-05 Web CRI has moved to a new web host and has far more disk space for future projects.
2010-08-05 CATS CRI has begun a series of CATS training videos stored at Vimeo.
2010-08-05 Social CRI is now on Twitter, join us at:
2010-08-05 Social CRI is setting up a new Facebook profile, join us at:
2010-06-29 Discussion Cycles Research Institute now has a blog at Please visit this frequently to get the latest cycles reports on different subjects. You may make comments on the posts.
2010-06-29 CATS CATS (Cycles Analysis & Timeseries Software) training seminars are commencing early July. Contact Us if you wish to take part. Video of the seminars will be made available later.
2010-06-29 CRI CRI has appointed 7 new advisers in different subject areas and they will be meeting to formulate plans for more frequent upgrades to the site and getting a peer reviewed journal going. See blog for progress reports.
2010-05-12 Commodities Cycles Report on Copper Prices added. This is the first of many reports which will be added now that we have CATS.
2010-05-12 Journal A new section of “Cycles Reports” was added to the Journal section
2010-05-12 CATS CRI is pleased to announce its new Cycles Analysis & Timeseries Software called CATS. This is a comprehensive and free package. For those interested in receiving on-line instructions and demos on how to use cats, it is recommended to join cyclesi group at Yahoo and look at posts relating to CATS.
2008-07-02 Journal The Journal section of the site now has listed quality historical and new articles on cycles in pdf format.
2008-07-02 Economy Impact of US Economic & Natural Cycles by Prof Roberto N Mendez (pdf file)
2008-07-01 Trade The Calm Trader – A tale of Two Traders. (pdf file)
2008-07-01 Geology Prof Afanasiev’s Nanocycles Method for determining Geological Cycles and Dates. (pdf file)
2008-07-01 Earthquakes The 26 Minute Cycle in Earthquakes. (pdf file)
2008-07-01 Solar The Solar 154 day and related Cycles (pdf file)
2008-07-01 Oil Oil Price Cycles (this is a little out of date, but an update may be provided in the near future). (pdf file)
2008-07-01 War Doolard”Waves of War” (large pdf file)
2008-02-22 Science SciVee TV is a video site for scientists and now includes a cycles group.
2008-02-21 Tomes Ray Tomes, his Harmonics theory and his cycles sites.
2006-10-06 Fraud Fraudsters illegally promoting stocks have used fake CRI email addresses to try and appear credible. We do not ever promote stocks so that any email that you receive of this nature is fraudulent. Please complain to the proper authorities.
2006-10-06 FSC FSC is now publishing the magazine on cycles, and any CRI papers are forwarded to FSC for publication.
2006-10-06 Forum The discussion forum was discontinued some time ago due to excessive spam problems.
2006-05-09 Bartell Article Bartel’s test of cycle significance added.
2005-12-22 Index Added Cycle Index by Cycle Length or Subject.
2005-12-22 Kondratieff An article on the Cause of the Kondratieff Cycle by Ray Tomes.
2005-09-22 Discussion A cycles discussion bulletin board added to CRI site. Guests can read posts but you must join the bulletin board to make posts.
2005-09-17 FSC After discussions between the Foundation for the Study of Cycles (FSC) and Cycles Research Institute (CRI) it has been agreed that CRI will be the scientific research arm of FSC. This will mean that progress in re-establishing good organisation for cycles investigation, reporting, publishing and conferences will be faster than it otherwise might have been. Ray Tomes will remain heading up CRI and has also been appointed to the advisory board of FSC. Further announcements will follow – go to the Join Form page to receive news.
2005-08-14 FSC Today CRI received email from the Foundation for the Study of Cycles inviting co-operation between the two organisations (CRI and FSC). We were very happy to reply that we are interested in such co-operation. You can expect further news on this in the future. Previously we stated that FSC had come to an end. We have now been told that this is not so, and that FSC continues to exist and plans to become active again. CRI are delighted at this news and will work together with FSC to make cycles information available to all. Please see the Links and acknowledgments pages for more information about FSC.
2005-06-06 Time Time Series Data page updated
2005-06-06 Astronmy Astronomy page links updated
2005-06-06 Ladma Planetary cyles, resonances, synchronisations; Music theory
by Vladimir Ladma added (many pages of explanations and
planetary cycles periods
2005-06-05 Dewey The Case for Cycles by Edward Dewey added (0.9 MB pdf file)
2005-06-05 Tomes Towards a Unified Theory of Cycles by Ray Tomes added (0.5 MB pdf file)
2005-06-03 Arnold Theory of Order by William Arnold added (0.5 MB pdf file)
2005-06-03 Dewey Definitions of Cycles by Edward Dewey added (0.1 MB pdf file)
2005-06-02 War Cycles of War by Edward Dewey added (0.1 MB pdf file)
2005-04-14 Search Seach and Wikipedia have Wikipedia search with Google links added
2005-04-10 Milankovitch Milankovitch cycle explanations added (but this note added much later)
2005-04-10 Glossary Glossary extended
2005-04-09 Harmonics Harmonics minor correction and link added
2005-04-06 Analysis Analysis had link added
2005-04-04 Elliot Elliott had link added to Ingram article on mathematical basis
2005-04-04 Schnoll Shnoll (Russian biophysics researcher) page added and link to pdf article