Acknowledgements for the following people
who have contributed to this web site.

Foundation for the Study of Cycles (the original one). For articles by Dewey and others.

Edward R. Dewey through his articles reproduced here. May he be remembered as the leading interdisciplinary cycles pioneer.

Ray Tomes Cycles in the Universe and Harmonics Theory.
A comprehensive site on the observation and theory of cycles.

K. David Katzmire of, a theory on the cycles if history, for rebuilding as a service from his web development company at:

Fred Espanek of NASA for Saros Cycle tables.

Vladimir Ladma for planetary cycles of many types.

Prof Roberto N Mendez of Panama University for cycles of history.

Robert D. Doolaard for cycles of war.

Ric Ingram Traders Calm giving extensive advice and guidance to traders.

Bill Arnold for his papers on interdisciplinary cycles.

Georg Mayerv runs discussion groups
to Time-Price-Research-V on trading methods.

Robert A. Nelson Wheeler’s Weather Cycles

Ken McRitchie Gauquelin article

Michael Taler for translation of parts of Prof Afanasiev’s book on geological cycles.

Norman Winski of who advises technical traders with astrological forecastng.

If you have contributed material to this site and not been acknowledged please
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